FESTKA One Core framekit + ENVE stem


Core doesn't mean bore ! This basic design scheme boldly shows our big pride - the amazing weave pattern of our unique carbon tubes. This is probably the most typical look of a Festka frame.


While the tubes for our frames are made by robots, the actual building of the frame is entrusted to skillful human hands. Thanks to our unique tube-to-tube lamination method we create safe and reliable frames which will not fail you under any circumstances. And if you do have a bad crash and damage your frame, this ingenious technical solution makes frame repairs not only possible but absolutely perfect.

- Tomas Navratil (endurance cyclist)
"The best bicycle for a long endurance race is that which you don't even notice riding. The one that allows you to fully concentrate on your performance and the road. For all these endless kilometers across the American plains and over the high mountain ridges, my ONE and I became one thanks to its unparalleled comfort and rock-solid reliability"

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