FiftyOne Assassin British Green + Rotor 1x13

The Assassin is a progressive gravel bike with a massive breadth of ability. Its adjustable geometry creates capability in place of compromise, allowing you to tailor the handling to how you ride. It's exceptionally light, responsive and comfortable. In short, Assassin is the answer, whatever question your gravel riding asks. 

Who is it for?

Everyone: explorers, shredders, racers, bikepackers and anyone else who loves getting away into the countryside. The Assassin's adjustable geometry and category-leading compatibility maximise performance in every situation.

Why did we make it?

Because we love gravel riding and because we felt that we could use our vast experience of building custom bikes with individually-tailored geometry to bring something new and better to the gravel sector. We understand that every rider wants confident handling, and that the geometry required to deliver that feeling varies from one individual to the next.

Choose a variant:

6,000.00 €