Wilier Filante SL ULTEGRA di²


Every little worthwhile change

In an evolving species, only the most calibrated change will result in progress. What really counts is neither strength nor intelligence. What makes the difference is the ability to adapt to change.The Filante SL inherits its forms, its lines and its racing spirit from the Filante SLR, Wilier's high-end aero racing bike used by professionals in the most important World Tour competitions. What makes the change beneficial is the application of few and simple technical solutions. The different carbon fibre lamination used for the frame gives it a less extreme and more comfortable structure compared to the SLR version. All of this with a weight gain of just under 150 g for the same size frame.The new Filante SL mirrors some of the features of the Wilier 0 SL, starting from the handlebar. Behind every decision that led to the creation of this model there is no step back but rather the desire to look ahead, using proprietary technologies wisely and with determination to embrace an even wider audience.

World Tour aerodynamics and design

The carbon fibre is used in a frame that mirrors the shape of the Filante SLR used by the Astana Qazaqstan Team' professional cyclists. What changes is the frame module, using different fabrics made of composite material to create a new lamination. Though the substance may change, the aerodynamic performance does not. 

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